10 Modern Lullabies For A Blissful Bedtime


Is there anything better than ending your day cuddled up with your kiddos? Them all warm and sweet-smelling from their bath, the house dim and quiet. A chat about the day and a story or two. Add some soothing songs into the mix and you've got yourself a blissful bedtime. Here is a list of our favourite modern lullabies. You'll recognise some of these tunes... oldies but goodies and modern songs made for soothing and sleep. No bow-breaking, cradle-falling babies here. Just a list of lovely melodies to end your day on a blissful note. Pun intended.

1. A Thousand Years by Celia Pavey : Completely in love with this whimsical, folksy version.

2. You Are My Sunshine (Pt. 1) by Elizabeth Mitchell : A timeless tune sung to kids all over the world many times over.

3. A Lullaby (For Malcolm) by The Singer and the Songwriter : An original song that's one of our household favourites!

4. In A World Of My Own by Diana Panton : You and your kiddos will be dreaming up the most whimsical imagery thanks to this version of the Alice in Wonderland original.

5. Over The Rainbow by Glee Cast : Listen to this acoustic version of the Judy Garland original sung by the cast of Glee and you'll be dreaming of coconuts, hammocks and days by the seaside.

6. Summer Song by The Singer and the Songwriter : Think of long summer days in meadows, swinging on tyre swings and freshly picked flowers.

7. Pure Imagination by Diana Panton : Relive your own childhood with this gentle version of the classic from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

8. La Vie En Rose by Cristin Milioti : The beautiful acoustic version of the Edith Piaf favourite from How I Met Your Mother.

9. Baby Mine by Bette Midler : The sweetest and most heartbreaking.

10. Stay Awake by Julie Andrews : An old favourite from Mary Poppins.


M xo