Bun In The Oven


I don’t work on many invitations or announcements generally, but when my husband and I found out we were expecting I thought it would be a fun idea to throw together some announcements to send friends and family in the mail.

I knew I wanted to create something simple and modern. Nothing too fancy or fussy or that screamed “baby”. With lettering… of course. And gender neutral colours.

The lettering was done using my pen tablet.

The wording used in the announcement was kept very much like S and I… relaxed and conversational. 

The envelopes were hand addressed and included some washi tape detailing. I love how the mailing label wraps around the back of the envelope with a little “xoxo” awaiting on the other side.


There may be some baby shower invitations down the track, as well as some birth announcements. Stay tuned! :)

xo M