Confessions of a stationery addict


Hi. My name is Miranti. And I am a stationery addict. I don't quite recall my first experience but it feels like something that's always been a part of my life. It started off as an innocent appreciation for pretty paper when I was a little girl, which then developed into a love of gorgeous diaries as I hit my teens, but as I've gotten older it has taken on a life of it's own. I can't go a day without thinking about it. When I see it, I want it. I've even left my job because of it. It hasn't gotten to the point where it's ruining my relationships but with every notebook I purchase, there's always the chance that this could be the one that does it. Yet I take this risk over and over again. I have enough insight to know that I have an addiction but not enough will to stop. This addiction is not easily understood so I am hoping this post will shed some light on this very serious issue. Think you may know someone with a stationery addiction? Here's a clue: you may find them lurking around your office supply cupboard. Or slowly wondering through the stationery aisle of your local Target with an intense look of euphoria. Or she may be the friend that seems to have a different pen every time you see her. Perhaps today's the day to reach out and have a chat to them about it.

This is my confession:

+   I have tried out four different notebooks so far for my blog planner this year alone. I think I may have found the one. (P.S. I have said this about all previous notebooks)

+   Right next to where I sit, as I type this, is a drawer. A secret drawer that contains a crap-load of unused notebooks. I dare not count them. That would make my shame too real.

+   I love notebooks but I find that I have commitment issues with them. Most of my previous dalliances have ended prematurely. I guess I get easily bored of the same old look and my eyes begin to wander. Not long after that I usually find myself coveting a new shiny notebook.

+   I get annoyed when I have to make emergency trips to Officeworks for, say, much-needed ink cartridges, but once I'm there all I want to do is waste hours looking at all the pretty things.

+   I consider paper and office supply shopping a legitimate hobby.

+   I want to own stationery I have no use for.

+   I have driven an hour just to buy a Moleskine.

+   I also used to drive an hour to visit a kikki.K store but now there's one in my neighbourhood. The girls there know my name.

+   My washi tape collection is multiplying like rabbits.

+   Yes I want one in every colour.

+   No I'm not staring at you. I'm staring at your pen.

+   Just on that note: I have never taken a pen that belongs to someone (a girl's gotta have some self-respect). But that office supply cupboard? That's fair game!

+   When you go shopping with me, expect that I will suggest we duck into a stationery store.

+   I'm jealous of you. Yes you. Because you have that stapler. Well… it's so much nicer than mine.

Do you have anything to confess.. hmm??? :) Have a wonderful weekend everyone! x ;)

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