Don't wait

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I was always a cautious kid. Never wanted to make mistakes or say the wrong thing. I would try my best to take really good care of my belongings because if they were broken or lost, I knew they might not be replaced.

This habit has followed me well into adulthood. 

But going through our belongings this year, in our quest to declutter and simplify, I found things that have never been used.

Pristine. In packaging. Or tag still attached.

Items bought at one point because I loved them but instead of taking them out, using them, enjoying them… they just sat there. 

In my cupboard. Or in my wardrobe. 

I was afraid of ruining them. 

Or I wanted to save them for a special occasion.

I waited.

But they sat there for so long that my life kind of went on without them. And here I am selling or donating these items because I no longer have space or use for them in my life.

That's kind of sad.

And in some ways, the loss is greater than having these items wear with use because I will never know the pleasure they could have brought into my life.

The moment has gone.

The opportunity lost.

I waited too long...

Life is short. 

It comes and it goes in the blink of an eye.

And it is to be enjoyed.


What are you waiting for?

Don't look back with regret, having spent your life waiting for that perfect moment.

Wear lingerie. Every day.

Wear your good perfume. Even if you're not doing anything particularly interesting today.

Use your good wallet. And watch that leather wear beautifully with time.

Throw that luxurious linen on your bed. Experience its softness every single night.

Start a conversation with that someone you see every morning when you pick up your coffee.

Paint your walls that juicy hue. Because it's fabulous.

Reach out to that someone you're dying to hear from.

Go where you've always wanted to go.

Write that book.

Declare your dreams.

Take that chance.

Open your heart. Let go.


And enjoy.

Don't wait.

What will you do today?

Miranti xo