Double Exposure with Afterlight

double exposure using afterlight 01

Hi friends - happy weekend!

Have you ever longed to learn how to do something but hesitated because the thought of it was kind of intimidating? I felt that way about double exposure photography. i just love the way it looks (so dreamy!) but have always assumed that it was very technical and way beyond my level of skill. That is, until Afterlight released their double exposure tool with their latest update. Happy day! I know this technically counts as cheating but I consider it dipping my toe in. I'm totally hooked on this and have spent more time than I ought to playing with this feature. I wanted to share some of my first attempts experimenting with this wonderful tool:

double exposure using afterlight 05
double exposure using afterlight 03
double exposure using afterlight 02
double exposure using afterlight 04

I've got some more experimenting to do so it's a good thing I can see myself having a play all weekend long! Why not give it a go? Oh - and if you do, let me know or better yet, link to your image below. Do you have any tips for double exposure photography? I would love to hear them. Oh teach me!!

xo Miranti