Finders Keepers : Let's begin

Hi lovelies!

Those of you who follow me on instagram might recall a post about a month ago that expressed my excitement about completing an application for my first market stall. Well, a post followed earlier this week along the lines of: "Holy crap - you guys! I made it in!! So shocked and excited I can't even think straight."

So yes. I actually got into the Finders Keepers Sydney Markets

Which is crazy. Like… so crazy.

Running a market stall was by far my biggest and most ambitious goal for 2014 and I just decided to go for the one I considered to be my holy grail. For those who don't know, the Finders Keepers Markets are an art and indie design market held in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne twice a year.

I almost fell off my chair when I received the acceptance email on Tuesday. I'm still processing it really. I feel like this acceptance is the first real form of external validation for my work as a designer. And I know that we creatives create for the love of it, and not for the validation, but when we get it, it's kinda nice. Especially for people like me who are self-taught. It's a big deal.

Oh you guys, I hope you'll follow along as I get ready for my very first market stall. I'll be blogging about my preparation for the event and of course, the event itself. AND if you happen to be in Sydney during those dates, come over and say hi.

But I mustn't get ahead of myself.

First things first: I have some lists to write! 

I hope you're having a great week.

xo M 

Have you run a market stall before? Do you have any tips or words of advice for a newbie?