Getting ready for the Live Aspire Blog event

 Braindump deskpad blogger 2a

Hello friends! And hello Friday! How was your week?

I spent my week getting ready for the upcoming Live Aspire Blog event and I want to give you a sneak peek at what I've been up to.

The Live Aspire Blog events were founded by Ursula of The Aspirer and Jess of Live Healthy Simply. These events are a Sydney-based network of female bloggers and entrepreneurs (and those who aspire to be) aimed at providing support, inspiration, and community. I continue to attend because Ursula and Jess do such a wonderful job of organising these events and I find the story- and information-sharing to be incredibly valuable. Needless to say that I LOVE being surrounded by fellow dream chasers! Those of you who have ever thought about coming along - join us! The events have an easy, relaxed vibe and I guarantee you will walk away inspired!

Since the last event I spent a bit of time toying with the idea of asking Ursula and Jess whether they would consider Pen & Peplum as a sponsor and contributor for their awesome event goody bags. I pondered and I pondered but in the end, didn't do anything about it. I'm such a chicken!!! But as the world would have it, one Friday evening, I received an email from Ursula asking if I would be a sponsor and contributor for the next event.

I was stoked.

And honoured.

And of course I said yes.

So it was official.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of me getting ready for the Live Aspire Blog event at P&P headquarters. Ha. Wish it was as fancy as it sounds! But nope. Just me. Hand making these with love.

 Braindump deskpad blogger 12
 Braindump deskpad blogger 15
 Braindump deskpad blogger 4
 Braindump deskpad blogger 16

So what have I made exactly? I'm going to keep it a secret for now but the item will be available in store on Monday! Those attending this Sunday's event will find these lovelies in their goody bags and will be the first to get a sneak peek!

I'll update you on how it goes. Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend! x