Hello friends!

Welcome to Pen & Peplum.

As I charge closer to the big 3-0 I'm beginning to realise a thing or two, with my musings usually ending with: do what makes you happy... because inevitably, you live with the choices you make. This is true of life and this is true of work.

See the thing is, for most of us, work is a necessity. And I don't know about you, but it feels like it takes up a HUGE chunk of my life. At a guess, I'd say that my life is 80% working and 20% wife-ing (is that bad?!). So you'd want something you spend so much of your life doing to be somewhat enjoyable, right?

Whether your trip to work looks like this..


whether your boss reminds you of her...


or whether you desperately long to do something different...


...I guess it's about finding the joy in whatever 9 to 5 situation you find yourself in right now.

I love to incorporate things like cute stationery, an organised office, leopard print loafers, good food and posh cups of tea into my day. I know these won't change the world but they make me smile. Pen & Peplum is not about work as such; it's about all the little things that come with working. It's about celebrating little luxuries and big dreams. My hope is that by sharing the things that make me smile, I will make you smile and perhaps encourage you to fill your days with your own little luxuries. They may not change the world, but if they make you smile then... Do what makes you happy.