Studio Days


Life inside this little studio of mine has been just wonderful lately. It's been abuzz with different projects and each new day is met with delight as I get another opportunity to spend my time in this space that I love, that's all mine, working on things that mean the world to me.

Summer in the studio is glorious! I get light streaming through my window for the majority of the time I'm in here. I get to see the sky so bright and blue from my desk. It sure gets hot in this room but hey, at least my paintings dry quicker :)

Outfits like this have been a lifesaver during these hot months in the studio. I have been living in lightweight harem or drape pants all summer long. I find that no matter what I'm doing - from sitting at my desk writing blog posts to crouching on the floor taking photos, painting up a storm or jumping on the yoga mat for a quick stretch - these pants have seen me through everything in the most comfortable manner. And I love them! I've been pairing them with billowy cropped tanks and tees. Specs on, of course, and hair haphazardly piled high on my head to keep my neck cool. Let's be honest here, I spend as much time bare-foot as I can get away with, but I included these cute sandals for good measure ;) I'll usually throw on a similar pair if I'm heading out to run errands or sending off orders.

But the weather is beginning to change now. We're getting a few more days where it's cooler and darker. The kind of days that make you want to sit on the couch and watch Harry Potter movies. The kind of days I love. So I'll be interested to see how my studio attire changes as the weather does.

What have you been wearing to work lately? Any favourite outfits?

1. Pants : Zara | 2. Hair : Pinterest | 3. Glasses : Bonlook |  4. Sandals : J.Crew | 5. T-shirt : Alexander Wang