If It's Love


A girlfriend of mine recently moved in with her beau and I had the absolute privilege of creating a custom hand-lettered print based on their favourite lyrics.

Love, love. That's enough for me.

- If It's Love, Train

I took all my lettering gear down the coast with me and one cold, quiet afternoon while my husband was reading, I began exploring the composition of the lyrics with pen and paper. Once I was happy with a general layout and lettering style I began experimenting with different tools - pens, markers, brushes. I settled on the Posca Brush Tip Marker for its fun, bold strokes. I can't tell you how much I love this little gem.


Then I began writing out the lyrics over and over again - each time adjusting the pressure, size and style of each letter slightly. As I did this I was also listening to the song through my earpods over and over again. It's nice to listen to a song that has so much meaning for a couple and smile as the lyrics remind you of their humour.

When we arrived back home I set about scanning and digitising the lettering I was finally satisfied with. And then it was off to the printer.


I had the print sitting in my studio for a couple of weeks before we had the chance to give these lovebirds their gift. I am so thrilled that they are happy with my work and they now have their print hanging in their bedroom. When life gets complicated, I hope they are able to look at it and be reminded about simpler things.

I learnt two things working on this project. One: I'd really like to be better at documenting my process (both to share and for my own records) and two: I could definitely do more of this.

Have you worked on something recently that made you think you could definitely do more like it?

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo M