MK x Lime Tree Bower Part I


Last year I had the awesome pleasure of working on a collaboration with Helen of Lime Tree Bower. Helen and I met through the blogging world a few years ago and we were keen to create a project that would incorporate my lettering with her incredible floral styling. I was deep in all things baby-prep when Helen came to me with this collaboration and so I couldn't resist. Around the time we were due to share our work, I gave birth to Charlie and life has since had us focusing on other things. But I'm so excited to be able to share with you the baby shower invitations Helen and I created.


She drove out to Camden one sleepy Sunday afternoon and we made the most glorious floral mess on my dining table! I watched her work her magic... creating a fluid and intricate floral scene that we would later use to frame the invitations. Once we had a composition we were happy with, I worked at creating some lettering to weave through the floral photography. I loved the process of working with Helen on this.

It was quite a departure from what we had each done at that point and a wonderful stretch creatively. We're thrilled with what we came up with.

As a follow-on from this project, we also got together to style a baby shower picnic. Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon! x

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