New Arrival Due May 2015


Hi friends!

Oh my I have a little announcement to share with you today: We are expanding our team here at P+P.

Yes indeed.

As it turns out, the Creative Director and the CFO at P+P have been doing it. Scandal. And that scandal has lead to the Creative Director getting knocked up!


Ok... not really that scandalous when the pair are married to each other but it's true nonetheless! 

I am so, so, so happy to let you know that my husband and I are expecting our first child. Our little one (who we lovingly refer to as Nugget) is currently 21 weeks along and we are due at the end of May. We're all travelling just fine and really looking forward to this new chapter.

Juggling a growing business, a part-time day job, looming deadlines for client work, preparing for a market stall and selling our home was definitely a challenge amongst the major fatigue and morning sickness I felt during early pregnancy, but I am learning a lot about slowing down when I need to and listening to my body. And amongst all the chaos I've made sure I had time just to sit with my belly and take it all in. Every little bit.

Now that Nugget and I are well into our second trimester, I’m feeling much more like myself. Oh - and my belly has well and truly popped. It was the Christmas food belly that never went away! I am loving being able to feel Nugget rolling around and practicing baby yoga in my belly, and recently S has been able to feel Nugget's kicks. We won't be finding out Nugget's sex until the birth, so it'll be one lovely surprise!

It has been such an amazing, nerve-wrecking, magical time for us and we could not be happier or more excited. Cue belly shot and cheesy grin... 


I hope you have an amazing weekend!

xo M