No ma'am... not just another cubicle


Happy Wednesday friends! Let's get over the hump that is the middle of this week by sprucing up your workspace. Those of you who follow me on twitter might know that an absolute favourite past-time of mine is drooling over workspaces (check out some amazing workspaces here). I find workspaces incredibly inspiring - not just because of the design or the layout but because I like to imagine who sits in that chair, what innovation occurs at that desk, and how their beautiful surroundings inspire them. But unless you're lucky enough to have a workspace that looks like the one above - in which case:

1. I'm so jealous

2. Where do you work?

3. Can I come and just hang in your office for a while?

- you may find your office a little uninspiring. I know I do at the moment! Over the past few months, due to a change in role, I've packed up my desk to move into a new office... to be placed back at my old desk a month later. This left me very discombobulated. For the longest time, I avoided redecorating my desk because I wasn't 100% sure whether I would  remain in my current role or be shipped off to another. But now I think I'm ready to properly unpack and settle myself back into my old office.

So if you are feeling uninspired by your current workspace, don't despair! Here are five cheap and cheerful things you can add to your workspace to set you on your way to having the cutest cubicle in the building.

What's that you say? Why bother??? Because it will make you smile. Because taking pride in your office shows people you take pride in your work. And because you work hard, you spend a heck of a lot of time sitting at that desk, and you deserve it! So let's go!

1. The inspirational quote

Let this be your motto. Let it energise you on the days when you're not feeling so great. Let it remind you of what you are doing it for. If you're not one for pump-your-fist-in-the-air or chicken-soup-for-the-soul-type quotes then make it one that makes you laugh. Oh and switch it up every now and again... update the quote to suit.


2. The coffee mug or tea cup

Whether you prefer the former or the latter (no judgement) get yourself a nice one. If for no other reason than to avoid using those nasty visitors mugs... ew. Having a nice mug sitting at your desk is also an easy way to add some charm to your workspace.


3. The photo

Have a photo of your loved ones on your desk. This adds a personal touch to your office and is a nice way of reminding yourself that other aspects of your life - and of yourself - do in-fact exist. Find a frame you love and position the photo somewhere you can see it from where you sit.


4. The calendar

I like adding a calendar to my workspace because it's another easy way to add some colour and life to my drab desk. Sure we use Outlook but a paper calendar is so much more visually appealing. I use it to count down to my next holiday or upcoming events I'm looking forward to.


5. The vision board

Allocate a space in your office where you display pretty things, images that inspire you, photos that remind you of fond memories, or things that remind you of the bigger picture. During the toughest days at work it's easy to drown in the drama and the stress and lose sight of the house you plan to buy next year, or the trip to Hawaii, or that pair of shoes you're saving up for. Again, it's really important to remind yourself of the parts of you that exist outside of work.


Here are a few more of my favourite workspaces to inspire you. Thanks for stopping by!

BF1 bright bazaar

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