Oh Let's Go

I've received a lot of questions recently about my lettering work and requests for blog posts that provide a glimpse into the process behind it. And of course I am happy to oblige.

"Oh Let's Go Exploring" is a little saying inspired by the wanderlusters in my life, the adventurers and the travellers, and my own love for exploring new places. When it comes to sayings, they usually just pop in my head and I need to quickly jot them down. Some are song lyrics, some are quotes, and others (like this one) just seem to spring out of how I feel about a certain thing. And when I love it, I love it and I just have to see it written.

The first thing I do with any kind of lettering is play around with the placement of words. I usually do this in pencil. I'll write it out a couple of times in a couple of different ways and once I'm happy with how the words sit, I write it out in felt tip pen to get a better sense of how it might look using a brush.

For my actual lettering, I use a paintbrush and a pot of ink. My biggest tip for anyone looking to have a go at lettering with brush and ink is to pop into your local art store and buy a few different kinds of brushes. The best way to find out what will work for you and your writing is to experiment! That's exactly what I did. With brush in hand, I have a play with the formation of the letters. I look out for rhythm, shape and contrast. The reason why I love lettering with a brush so much is because it allows for varying stroke widths and pressure. I also love the odd ink splatter it leaves.

I'll have a few attempts at writing out the whole phrase and once I'm happy with how it looks, I'll scan it. I then use photoshop to clean it up if it's needed and print it as a card.

This particular piece is really close to my heart. I recently printed and framed an A4 sized print especially for friends of ours who are expecting their first baby, and I just loved how this piece looks on a bigger scale.

Here's a little look at my process. Let me know if you'd like to seeing more posts like this. I hope your day has been lovely.

Miranti x