Pen & Peplum brand board

Hello friends!

Many of you know that Pen & Peplum has been undergoing a bit of a makeover these past few months. One thing that I found to be incredibly helpful is creating a brand board. Brand boards are a fantastic way to convey the identity of your business at a glance. I used the template provided by Nesha of Betty Red Design found here on Elembee, and just added some extra sections. It's a wonderful resource! Having a brand board was particularly helpful when it came time to update my business cards and packaging. If I wasn't sure whether something was in line with the P&P look, one quick glance at my brand board really helped to answer that question for me.

But it's not just about aesthetics… brand boards are a great way to convey the spirit and the personality of your business, and what sets you apart from others. It's also a great exercise in making decisions about what your brand isn't. It can help you make decisions about how to best communicate your brand identity on your website, social media sites, newsletters, business stationery, product packaging, and so on, by giving you a guide about the colours, patterns, and fonts that make your business identifiable. It's also an incredibly helpful way to quickly communicate your brand identity to others. 

If you've been wanting to create a brand board, I'd highly recommend you give it a go. Download your free template from Elembee in the link above and have a play around with it. And then tell me how you go! :)

Have you created a brand board before? What elements come together to create the unique look and feel of your blog or business?