Don't mess with my desk


Yes I am that girl in your office with the neat desk. It's not neat all the time but generally, it's neat. An organised desk gives me space to move, breathe, and think. I don't do well in cluttered spaces. In fact, it drives me a little bonkers! Some people mistake this as being a compulsion... but it's not a life or death situation that I have to have my desk this way, it's just how I like it.

And yes, I know that you're probably a genius and that chaos on your desk has some sophisticated order to it that people like me just don't understand... but maybe, just maybe, you'd like a few accessories to contain the genius-at-work and make your workspace pretty at the same time? Come on... here we go! Here are five cheap and cheerful desktop organisation essentials that you can add to your workspace to get you on your way to becoming the genius with the neat desk. Woah... look out world!


1. The in-tray

Use this dandy piece of equipment to hold your items to action but beware not to let this tray pile up! Schedule time into your week to deal with the items that lurk there. For a bit of extra motivation I like to write myself a little note - usually along the lines of: "you've earned yourself some chocolate... go get it tiger!" - and place it at the bottom of your in-tray. That way, when you've dealt with everything that's in there, you have yourself permission to reward your efforts. Sounds cheesy... but hey, cheese is good too! Oh, you could also use your in-tray to store your daily tools: notepad, stapler, post it, etc. I prefer the stackable trays to minimise the space it takes up on my desk. It's like an apartment building for my office equipment!

2. The magazine holder

I love magazine holders for storing my current projects and quick reference items. Make sure you keep it within reach!


3. The file rack

I use it to hold current files to action but you can also use it to hold files for recurrent tasks. This little gem also gets all those files off your desk and stores them in a way that makes them easy to see and easy to get to.


4. The pen holder

Hold your writing instruments together in a cute pen holder... whether you go for a sophisticated leather pen holder, a cute coffee mug, or a rustic mason jar (love!), make it fun and add some colour to your desk at the same time.

5. The notice board

This is great for pinning up images and quotes that inspire you, but also handy for pinning up quick reference information that you need on a regular basis such as phone numbers.

Items to use with caution...

1. The filing drawer

Yes every office has one of these, but just be aware that this is often the place where paper goes to die! I have a filing drawer full of stuff but I couldn't tell you what's in there. Don't file away anything that's super important or that you need to access on a regular basis. Use folders instead.

2. The storage box

Storage boxes are definitely cute and serve to create a sense of order, but be aware that this is another place where things go to die. Often we store items in storage boxes to keep them out of the way only forget that we have it in there. Labelling boxes may help, but if you're anything like me, these boxes are probably full of random items that even the most organised person would find difficult to categorise. Oopsie...


So there you have it. The aim is never to have a space that is totally spotless and devoid of any charm or personality. We want our space to be comfortable and practical... but also somewhat organised. Why not give it go? Start slow and you'll be on your way to a beautifully organised workspace in no time. Speaking of which, let's drool over a few more, shall we? Have a great day!


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