Three easy steps to refresh your desk


Sometimes when we're in one space for a long time the vibe can begin to slow and things can start to feel a bit dull. We may have spent a good part of the year slogging it out on a project and feel like a fresh start. And sometimes we just get a bit sick of looking at the same old surroundings.

The answer is not always a major overhaul or makeover.

Why not refresh your desk?

Refreshing your desk is like buying fresh flowers from the farmers market on a Saturday morning and putting them in your kitchen. It won't change the world, but boy does it inject some new life into your space. And it makes you smile, doesn't it?

The good news is that refreshing your desk does not require a lot of time or money!

Here are three easy steps to refresh your desk:

1. Clear

Clear your desk. It may seem like a chore but it really is the foundation to a fresh start in any space. Take a look at what's on your desk. Get rid of anything broken, anything you're not using, or anything you don't need. Put away files. Find a more permanent home for office equipment and desk accessories you don't use frequently. Deal with scrap pieces of paper. And how many pens do you actually need on your desk???

A pile of half-completed tasks sitting on your desk and staring at you can really suck the life out of an otherwise delightful space. Go through your pile, prioritise what needs to be completed ASAP and schedule it into your agenda. For tasks that will have to wait or that are ongoing, set up some project files or write down all the tasks that need to be completed and stick the list up on your pinboard. But keep the files off your desk until you are ready to deal with them.

2. Rearrange

I'm known for doing this a lot! Whenever I start feeling stuck or start to get bored with a space - whether it's my workspace or our living room - I change things up by moving things around. The team at my old job got used to coming in of a morning and seeing me rearranging my office. Moving things refreshes your space without having to buy anything new - gotta love that! Change it up, keep things moving,  because when it comes to your life's work you don't want to be stuck. You want to keep things fluid and dynamic. You might even find a desk set-up that suits you better.

3. Add

Once you've cleared and rearranged your desk, add some fun, some colour or some humour. Make your desk a place you want to be by adding some new desk accessories, a few photos, or a piece of art. Add your favourite coffee mug, a picture of your dog that makes you laugh, decorations. Have novelty items, funny items, weird and wacky items... if that's your thing. Let it reflect your interests and your personality. Don't be shy. Your desk is your space (yes, even if you desk-share) so have fun with it! If you already decorate your desk, change it up seasonally to keep it fresh.

There you have it. A fresh new vibe for your desk in three easy steps.

And when you get bored of it? Refresh again!

Have a terrific Thursday! x

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