Today is the first step


Good morning! My apologies for the radio silence over the past couple of weeks. I finished up from my job on Thursday and I found the lead-up quite overwhelming. So I've kind of been hibernating and giving myself some time and space to let it all sink in. I'm typically one to leap head-first into new projects (especially ones as juicy as this!) but I want to make sure I start this new chapter of my life with the right energy. So I've been chilling out, jumping on my yoga mat, journaling, and disconnecting from much of my blog- and social media-related stuff. So yes, today is officially my first day as my own boss-lady and I will begin developing my very own Pen & Peplum online store - so exciting! There's lots to do but I will definitely let you know once I've decided on a launch date. Hooray! So to bring in this new week I'd like to leave you with this amazing quote from Striking Truths... a site I am obsessed with. Is today the first step for you? A new morning routine? A new way of thinking? A new commitment to something? Let me know and have a wonderful Monday :)

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