Welcome to our new home!

P&P old site.jpg

Hello lovelies. Welcome to our new home! I'm so excited to finally show you what I've been plugging away at all this time. What do you think?

When we got back from Hawaii I decided that Pen & Peplum needed a fresh new look and although I've always loved how my old site looked (above pic), now that my new site is up and running I feel like it better reflects me and P&P.

It has been an incredible process creating this new site -- and a steep learning curve for me. I made the decision to tackle the whole project myself. And considering that I came to the party as an amateur photographer and with very little web design knowledge prior, I'm really happy that I gave it a go. I'm also really happy that I can say that I know the ins and outs of my site and that I have learnt lots about product photography setups. And hopefully as I acquire more knowledge, I can continue to improve the site.


I think I'm well overdue for a day off! I'm thinking a massage, a solo lunch date and a BIG stretch on the yoga mat will do the trick. Got any other suggestions? Hope your day is a beautiful one!