Wish list for a lost lamb




Think about (something) carefully, esp. before deciding or concluding.


meditate - consider - think - deliberate - contemplate


So... this little lost lamb has a lot to ponder at the moment. I need to make some big decisions about my work for next year. I just want to do the right thing, but I don't know what that is and it's agonising! In an effort to guide my pondering I've made up (of course) a list. A work wish list. I know that I won't be going from my current work sitch straight to this ideal, but I'd be happy to move that little bit closer.

1. Earn enough money to work a 4-day working week. Who wouldn't love this, right? I'm a perfectionist and a workaholic so I need to set myself some boundaries to ensure a decent work-life balance.


2. The flexibility to be able to work from home... or a cafe... every now and then. I enjoy working in an office but I need regular fresh air and sunlight to do my best work. And the freedom to be able to do so when needed would be an absolute dream!


3. Be my own boss. Or at the very least feel like I am able to make decisions about how I work.


4. A job that brings joy and excitement. A job that is energising. To be able to be creative. To feel valued. To have the privilege of being around inspiring and innovative people, and the luxury of some space and solitude when I need it.


5. Spend my days in a sun-lit, inspiring workspace. This is not just about having pretty things around me. This is about having a workspace that reflects who I am and an environment that supports me and allows me to do my best work.

When I tell my lovely friend Dina about my work wish list, she looks at me and says (in her delightful French accent): "Mimi... sounds great but where are you going to find that?" I don't really know where or how I will find a job that matches my ideal, but that is the dream I'm chasing. And I suppose that is the joy of the journey. Any words of wisdom about making career decisions? What is on your work wish list?

Have a great week! x

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