Wish list for a lost lamb (part II)

 Image by  fiddleoak  : you absolutely must check out this amazing photography :)

Image by fiddleoak : you absolutely must check out this amazing photography :)

Hi guys… a great big thank you for all your kind words about my newest items. I feel so loved right now :) If you haven't had a peek, check them out in the Pen & Peplum store.

Recently I was going through some of my old blog posts and found this little gem which I wrote really quite early in the life of my blog. And I had a moment. You can probably tell that I was in a very different place in my life. I was in a profession that I loved but I was struggling with MAJOR burn out. So one day I sat myself down, got quiet, and asked myself: "What is it that I want from my work?" 

I tried very hard to be honest with myself and not worry about how crazy or selfish my needs might seem.

And I wrote my work wish list.

After reading that list again recently, I realised that 18 months later, I can tick off most of the items on that list. How crazy is that? One of the items is on-going but 4 out of 5 ain't bad, right? 

I thought it might be time for an updated work wish list.

Though I don't feel so lost writing this list.

I do, however, feel waaaaaay more terrified about posting this list than I remember feeling posting the original one. I think it's because these dreams feel much bigger and are very close to my heart.

But we need to be brave and declare what we long for.

So here it goes!

1. More goodness

I would love to expand my stationery line to include a bigger variety of items such as notebooks and planners. I'm constantly on the look-out for printers and manufacturers I can work with. And being such a stationery freak myself, I would love to be able to offer you lovelies more delicious stationery goodness. In saying that, I always want P&P to remain a boutique business that's small enough to continue to work predominantly out of home (maybe with an extra pair of hands - that would be nice!) or be location independent.

2. Do more varied creative work: 

I also want to expand on what P&P can offer. I'm not entirely sure what this will look like but I would love to design and create other products, or offer a design service of some sort, or help others with their own creative pursuits. And huge part of this dream also includes having a...

3. Beautiful creative space:

I also have dreams of having my own studio space outside of home where I can run workshops and events, use as a shared studio space for other creatives, or a photography studio with tonnes of delicious props. This dream keeps me awake at night with excitement. Yes, this dream is HUGE. But I just can't stop thinking about it so it had to go on the list! This also leads to the next point...

4. Collaborate, connect, community: 

I would absolutely LOVE to spend some time in the company of other creatives from all over the world. There is such an abundance of talent out there! I want to get to know more creatives, share their work and do some really fun projects together. I talk about this quite a bit with my girls and I think it would be incredible to bring two or more juicy brains together to create something wonderful. Location is definitely a challenge, so of course I would love to include a bit of...

5. Travel:

Who wouldn't love to be able to pair their work with exploring the world? It would be an absolute dream to spend a bit of my year traveling overseas to meet some of my girls in person and collaborate with them. It would also be amazing to have new sights and experiences to draw inspiration from.

6. Include the man: 

Here's a little secret… my husband is one beautiful under-utilised creative soul. Sure he makes one hunky CFO, but I dream of him coming on board with P&P in a more permanent, creative way. Again, I'm not sure what that would look like just yet and it would involve a completely new direction for him career-wise. But from the very first day P&P became a business, in the back of my mind I've always felt like there is a major role waiting just for him. And symbolically, it would be too perfect. He would be the "pen" in Pen & Peplum - pragmatic, analytic, expressive.

I'm thinking that having my first wish list fulfilled within 18 months of writing it is a good sign for this next list. I'm not expecting to have it all done in the next 18 months, actually I'm not putting any time limits on it at all, but I think being clear about what I want is a good place to start :) 

So tell me friend, what's on your work wish list? What do you need? What do you long for? What dreams keep you awake at night?

There's something to ponder over the weekend. Have a beautiful one! x